Dinner at Wang Chiew, SS2 PJ

Just last week, CS proved to me that he’s not, well, a very ‘successful’ food hunter. Here’s what happened:

I SMSed CS : “If you pick me up before 6.30 pm, I’ll give you a treat –  PS, You suggest the venue.”

So he went online for some ‘research’ and showed me a blog post on Wang Chiew. allegedly serving reasonable priced crab dishes. We’ve never venture into this part of SS2 before, which was actually near to Section 19 and were surprise to find a row of shoplots hidden amongst the residence houses.

To our dismay, they only serve crabs at certain times and that day was certainly not our lucky day. Crabs were not in the season, at I gave CS a meaningful ‘shame-on-you’ look. Since we had sat down, we decided to order a few dishes just to try Wang Chiew out – sweet and sour pork ribs (in cantonese ‘Pai Guat Wong’), mixed beancurb platters (‘Tau Fu Tau Gan’) and deep fried squids. Waiting was nessecary as there were only three guys mending the kitchen and the business was brisk.

Wang Chiew Restaurant, SS2 PJ

Like other typical chinese restaurants, the ‘pork ribs’ are usually lean meat cutlets that have nothing to shout about. The sweet and sour sauce was rather good but somehow, seemed to irritate my mouth ulcer.

The Deep Fried Squid lack a little bit on crunchiness and what we chinese called as ‘Q-feel” to it. Taste wise, it’s quite okay.

Beancurb Platters was the best dish of the day. The sauce was good with quite a good amount of mushrooms.

Wang Chiew Restaurant, SS2 PJ There’s two Wang Chiew – one was fully air conditioned while another was non air conditioned. Still, the operate under the group of people.

Wang Chiew Restaurant, SS2 PJ

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