Dinner at Kam Hin Dimsum, PJ Uptown

Yes, you’ve read it right. It’s dinner I’m writing about that we had at Kam Hin Dimsum last Sunday night. I was wasting off my Sunday noon and evening on a long nap until I was awoken by CS. It was already 8 pm and he asked me where should we eat? What the heck. Dazed and disoriented, I have cravings for dim sum and that’s how we came to Kam Hin.

We’ve been there numerous time for breakfast but it was only recently we noted it’s open for dinner too. I decided to forego any drinks especially the Chinese tea. I’m worried enough about the coming insomnia thanks to the afternoon nap even without drinking caffeine. Food served at this time were mostly leftovers from the day and some were out of stock especially the fried items.

Kam Hin dimsum, PJ

I’m not sure what was this called as I picked it up from the tray, not from the menu but it’s quite a common dim sum. It’s crust texture was similar to glutinous ball but the outer layer was quite crispy. Its fillings were char siew which we found it too sweet to our likings.

Forgive me if I can’t give you the exact names of the food – I was still half sleeping when we ordered the food while I can never trust CS’s memory.

The seafood dumpling with vegetable. The taste was manageable but there’s too much fatty meat which made it too chewy.

The siu mai have the same problem as the seafood dumpling.

The Char Siew bun was again, too sweet.

Kam Hin dimsum, PJ
My all time favourite – sharkfin harkow was incontestable.

Kam Hin dimsum, PJ
The fried sticky rice was great with considerable amount of lap cheong, char siew and eggs. The only small complaint was that it’s a tad too oily for us.Considering all these, I think Kam Hin taste so much better in the morning when everything is fresher and most of the food are available

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