Chiangmai Best Coffee: Ponganes, Wawee or Ristr8to?

Best coffee in Chiangmai is Rist8to Coffee

I may not have mention this, but both CS and I are coffee addicts, fervent ones, although not experts. Sometime ago I noticed a lot of tripadvisor members have mentioned that coffee businesses are flourishing in Chiangmai, so I decided to search for a Chiangmai best coffee.

Less than an hour after arriving in Chiangmai, we ride to the nearest outlet in our list – Ponganes Coffee, a humble cabin in a quiet street. In a space worthy of a hobbit (LOTR), black and white photos lined the walls, telling the story of old Chiangmai. There were quite a handful of choices, with some unfamiliar names but we knew the bad news – there’s no Latte Macchiato! Hence we asked for recommendations which the owner cum barista happily comply.
Affogato – Vanilla Ice Cream over double shot of espresso. It was recommended as I was thinking for something creamy and smoother. I enjoyed it fairly, but just fairly. I guess I just don’t have much fondness for espresso. It was rather bitter and although the ice cream added a touch of sweetness, it did not help much in making it into smoother consistency. To be fair on Ponganes, we didn’t actually try their any of their specialty hot coffee, so we do not know how they will have fare.
 The next day, we walked to another outlet for another coffee search. That was Wawee Coffee chain, born and bred in Chiangmai with 4 branches identical to a Starbucks. With Chiangmai being a university town, Wawee pleases a diverse range of customer, from university students, expatriates and tourist.
Ice Boom Wawee
The staffs were busy and had no time to recommend anything at all, so we decided on of its housebrands – Ice Boom Wawee (90Bht). It turned out as a big disappointment. I taste like a diluted coffee even before the ice starting to melt and all I get was its sugary sweetness.
Unsatisfied with our coffee excursion, we decided to go a little further to find a good coffee. We ended up at Nimanhamem Road, scouring the long road for a certain coffee shop called Ristr8to. From its doorstep, we already got a whiff of the nice smelling coffee aroma. A good omen, maybe?
This time we came to a decision to have hot coffee instead, and the menu was interesting albeit a little confusing. We got a few choices of lattes and after choosing the type, we need to decide what blend to choose – Single, Special, Decaf or Thai. As we went for Single Blend, we still need to make up our mind where our beans should come from.
Flat White with Colombian beans.
Chiangmai best coffee : Ristr8to Coffee
Macchiato with Brazillian beans.
Their latte art skill is probably the best I had seen so far. They even manage to do a portrait of a lady customer upon request which is as good as if someone sketching it with a pencil. Come to the taste part, they were very good. So creamy, smooth and well balanced that made our bike trip totally worth it.
Ponganes Coffee :
127/1 Soi 5, Moon Muang Road (Old City)
Chiangmai.Wawee Coffee :
Ratchadamnoen Road, Old CityRistr8to :
15/3 Nimmanhemin Road,
Suthep, Muang,

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