Bangkok Itinerary & Place of Interest Map

How to plan your Bangkok itinerary for 3 days to 7 days

Bangkok, love it or hate it, because while it’s a city packed with actions, it could be intimidating to less-experienced travelers. But now, you have decided to venture into Bangkok anyway (since you are reading this, I assume you are..), so just take a deep breath, and Bangkok can be easy. How long to stay […]

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Where to Stay in Bangkok

Where to stay in Bangkok - Khao San area

Here are some of my recommendations on where to stay in Bangkok. Added on are their Tripadvisor scores (as on 14 Apr 2017) for reference. Bangkok is one of the most visited city in the world and for decades the tourism boom has boosted its city expansion, basically every where is listed in travelers’ attraction […]

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Bangkok Pathumwan Princess Hotel

Finally I had finished editing the pictures of our trip to Bangkok in last November, although rather unskillfully, because I can’t wait to blog about Bangkok, especially our stay at Pathumwan Princess Hotel. This time, CS was condemned to stay (and sulk!) at home while I enjoy my first ladies trip to overseas with Wendy. […]

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