Yangmingshan Park and Beitou Hot Spring Day Trip

Yangmingshan Day Trip

Mention Taiwan and people will think of Yangmingshan, an iconic outdoor destination just a short distance away from Taipei city. Before you yawn that it’s another Taiwan’s national park, the word sulfur and volcanoes will probably perk you up. Yangmingshan is everything in one package – grasslands, cherry blossoms, hot spring, sulfur deposits, mountains, hiking […]

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How to Plan A Trip to Taroko National Park

Taiwan Itinerary Day 4: Taroko

Taroko National Park (or Taroko Gorge) is one of the most stunning place to go in Taiwan. Unless you are very averse to outdoor and nature, it’s certainly something not to be missed. Take this from me, a sedentary, sun-hating person. Contrary to what most believe, a trip to Taroko National Park can be easily […]

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JiuFen Old Street (九份老街) & Luodong in 24 Hours

Taiwan Itinerary Day 3: Jiufen and Luodong

On Day 3, we had a good sleep at an Airbnb, Huifeng Homestay (惠风民宿) in Jiufen after yesterday’s hectic schedule. The night before, on arrival, we were unimpressed with our accommodation. JIUFEN OLD STREET (九份老街) Huifeng Homestay (惠风民宿) The patchy walls and the springy mattress had certainly seen better days. The high humidity wasn’t welcoming […]

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Taiwan Itinerary: Day 1 in Taipei

Taiwan itinerary Day 1 in Taipei

Finally, CS and I made it for a Taiwan trip, something we had wanted to do for years but stuffs always cropped up. Our one week in Taiwan went by too fast. We had fun and enjoyed almost every moment there. If Taiwan is ever on your mind, don’t hesitate. Just go. Before you go, […]

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