Melbourne Travel Guide: Attractions & Getting Around Melbourne

Melbourne Travel Guide

Melbourne is a diverse city which offers a lot on almost everything – carefully planned cosmopolitan, skyscrapers, European and Asian cultures, history, sceneries, wilds and beaches. Even without venturing far, the Melbourne CBD (central business district) alone is charming enough to let you saunter aimlessly for days. In this Melbourne travel guide, I’ll be sharing […]

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Cancel AirAsia Flight Due to Illness

How to handle flight cancellation due to illness

Cancelling a flight, with expectation on a refund, is a sticky business.We were supposed to be on our trip to Melbourne last month via AirAsia. One week before our departure, the unforeseen circumstances strike – a family member (A) became very ill. I knew we had to cancel the trip right away. Cancelling flight and […]

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What to Wear in Malaysia : Packing Tips

What to wear in Malaysia : Packing tips

If you are churning your brain to work out what to wear in Malaysia or the ultimate packing list to Malaysia, then take a chill. Here is my recommended packing list to Malaysia: Seasons in Malaysia Malaysia has only two seasons – rainy and hot. In general, monsoon (rainy) season starts around Nov and lasts […]

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Bangkok Itinerary & Place of Interest Map

How to plan your Bangkok itinerary for 3 days to 7 days

Bangkok, love it or hate it, because while it’s a city packed with actions, it could be intimidating to less-experienced travelers. But now, you have decided to venture into Bangkok anyway (since you are reading this, I assume you are..), so just take a deep breath, and Bangkok can be easy. How long to stay […]

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Where to Stay in Bangkok

Where to stay in Bangkok - Khao San area

Here are some of my recommendations on where to stay in Bangkok. Added on are their Tripadvisor scores (as on 14 Apr 2017) for reference. Bangkok is one of the most visited city in the world and for decades the tourism boom has boosted its city expansion, basically every where is listed in travelers’ attraction […]

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SOLO Mall at Tsim Sha Tsui, Hong Kong

Solo Mall in Tsim Sha Tsui, Hong Kong

Third trip in Hong Kong, visiting shopping malls like Langham, Elements alike has became dull and I was already starting to look for other options. This time around, I found the street markets quite welcoming but jinxed by the unforgiving heat. The other shopping option, of course, came naturally as Solo Mall at Tsim Sha Tsui. […]

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Charterhouse Causeway Bay @ Hong Kong

Located between Wan Chai and the shopping Mecca of Causeway Bay, within easy reach of Causeway Bay MTR station, sits the rather stylish Charterhouse. This hotel is popular with business travelers due to its proximity to Hong Kong’s financial district. We were shown to S Signature rooms during the visit. Rooms are well executed, spacious […]

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