Bali Trip Day 2 : Ubud Market & Sang Spa

Waking up in Ubud at 6 am was effortless. Bali gets sunlight earlier than in Malaysia, and with Ubud’s tranquility, I had a really good night sleep. We decided to have our breakfast on the balcony. Enjoying the meal and enjoying the scenery before heading for Ubud Market & Sang Spa. Our breakfast for the […]

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Dirty Duck at Bebek Bengil, Ubud, Bali

Dirty Duck at Bebek Bengil was inevitably an eatery that we could not miss out due to its popularity. There were a few types of duck dishes available but since our driver recommended the smoked duck, we had to go to Bebek Bengil to order it one day earlier. Apparently, the Balinese Smoked Duck requires […]

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Nuri’s Warung (Nachos Mama) in Ubud, Bali.

“You MUST, MUST, MUST try Nuri’s Warung Bali during your trip there!” That’s what our friend told us before our departure. OK, note taken.. but we forgot to ask the most important thing. Where was it? We had already given up hope on finding Nuri’s Warung, but coincidentaly found it on our way to Neka […]

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Ayutthaya : How to Get There & Spend a Day

beautiful Ayutthaya

Back in 2009, on our first trip to Bangkok, we decided to venture out of the city to spend a day in Ayutthaya. While all Ayutthaya images had deluded us into thinking, that it’s an historical ground, not too big and easily explorable by bicycles.  How wrong we were. Ayutthaya is a city back in it’s […]

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Perfect Massage in Pratunam @ Bangkok

Thai massage in Pratunam, Bangkok

Pratunam is not only famous for having the largest wholesale shopping mall in Bangkok, but also an area that provide the cheapest decent thai massage. We always return for Perfect Massage in Pratunam for its unbeatable price due to the high number of competitions. Wee found and loved Perfect Massage since years ago, which is right […]

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