NU Sentral : Milk Shake Factory, Dolly Dim Sum, B Bap Korean Food, La Juiceria & Sushi Tei

B Bap Korean NuNomNomNom

Continuing on NU Sentral NomNomNom… Milkshake Factory : Reminiscing your childhood sweet tooth or simply, still harboring the same taste even in your adult years now? Then you will be amazed to find Milkshake Factory had incorporated all your childhood goodies… Continue Reading

Best Asam Pedas @ Batu Pahat, Johor

Another specialty of southern part of Malaysia is none other than the asam pedas – chunks of fish immersed in bright red chillie gravy tinged with sourish tamarind sauce and lime juice. Batu Pahat town itself has plenty of warung… Continue Reading