Bone & Pot Steamboat (有骨气) @ Kelana Jaya, PJ

In celebration of  20th day of Chinese New Year 初二十 and my second month at my new greener pasture, I got together with colleagues for a good meal at Bone & Pot. Most Klang Valley resident will be familiar with this place and probably wow at how I have not dine at this place. Bone & Pot is famous, and if I remember correctly, it’s one of the first few steamboat place to popularize pork bone broth in Klang Valley and still remain strong in business. My colleague had vouch for the freshness of their ingredients, specifically the pork.

We went to the Bone & Pot in SS25 which is opposite of Kelana Jaya LRT station. Being a steamboat shop which had opened for at least four years, the interior odor that accumulated for years can be quite unwelcoming. The good thing will be, you won’t notice it once you tuck into the hotpot. You will blend in, and.. smell just like it.

There are a few selections of broths – the pork bone broth, tomato with potato broth, pepper pork broth, century eggs with chinese parsley and HK style tomyam. We opted for a mix of their Signature Pork Bone Broth and Pepper Pork Broth RM16.90. It was raining and we needed the kick.

Bone & Pot (1)

And no thanks to the rain and the unrelenting traffic jam, we were famished and ordered some ready-to-eat. The Fried Yam, although a little oily, taste rather good. We threw some into the hot pot too. They stand well against the hot broth.

Bone & Pot (2)
King Oyster Mushroom RM8.80, Yin Choy RM5.80, Fresh Pork Slices RM13.90, Japan Tofu Pouch with Salted Egg RM9.90, Golden Bean Curb RM6.80.

Another worthy ready-to-eat is the Golden Bean Curb, with very crunchy skin and super soft tofu inside. As my colleagues mentioned – they serve really good and fresh pork.  Fresh Pork Slices are tender and while it’s tempting to cook them by  just dipping a few times into the soup, I knew that pork must be fully cooked before they can be consumed. I can tell the why here, but it might be unappetizing addition to this post. So do yourself a favor and throw them into the soup. It adds up to the soup taste too.

Bone & Pot (3)

Homemade Pork Ball RM6.90 is highly recommended. They are of firm texture and remained tender and delicious after the long boiling in the broth. Sea Urchin Ball, while looking very factory-made, taste surprisingly good too.

Bone & Pot (4)

The pros of ordering the Pepper Pork Broth was I had a few pig stomach slices that comes FOC with the broth. Surprisingly, nowadays most Malaysian Chinese don’t eat pig innards anymore, including my colleagues. Nothing to complain about because I had all the stomachs for my stomach. Both broths taste robust and milky and best of all, did not get sickening salty by the end of the meal, although the peppery taste can be quite challenging for some. Bone & Pot’s signature broths had definitely confirmed my returns for more porky goodness.

If you are a traveler, fret not. Bone & Pot is easily accessible. Just popped into the RapidKL LRT line heading towards Kelana Jaya station (last stop). Cross the busy LDP road with the pedestrian bridge and walk towards the left. The steamboat shop is just a few metres away.

Bone & Pot 有骨气
No. 7, Jalan SS25/12,
47301 Petaling Jaya
GPS Coordinates: 3.113866, 101.602098

Business hours: Mon to Sun & Public Holidays (5pm to 1am)
Tel: 03-7880-5511

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