Batu Pahat Best Cendol: Pak ‘O’ and Akbar Cendol

Akbar Cendol and Cendol Pak O

Mention Batu Pahat cendol and anyone would link it to Akbar Cendol and Cendol Pak ‘O’. These are the two most established and probably the oldest surviving cendol stalls in Batu Pahat.

There’s story that Akbar Cendol and Cendol Pak ‘O’ are related. I do notice a face resemblance between the two’s family patriarch. But this is just an assumption, as I don’t think it’s polite for me to poke and ask about their family affairs.

Akbar Cendol

Akbar Cendol used to share its space with a charcoal merchant in a pre-war shoplot. I still remember the time when I’ll have their cendol after a tuition class, sitting on a long stool and watching the trading of charcoals. Now, it maintains its own shop at the same stretch of street, maintaining its close vicinity to Batu Pahat wet market.

On our recent visit, we decided to visit its branch at former Batu Pahat main bus station.

Akbar Cendol's another branch in old bus station, next to a warung.

The taste has practically remained the same as before. The mung bean ‘worms’ are still soft compared to most cendols that had shifted to a more al-dente texture. For the gravy, they are more liberal with the santan. Hence the taste is creamier and the color is lighter.

Akbar Cendol

Akbar Cendol's ABC or ais kacang

The branch at the former bus station offers ABC too, and it’s CS’s favourite ABC in Batu Pahat. Once in a while, he will ditch me and scurries here to have his fare, secretly….

Akbar Cendol original shop (no ABC menu)
Address: 12, Jalan Engan, Kampung Pegawai, 83000 Batu Pahat, Johor
Estimated GPS: 1.848947, 102.926221

Akbar Cendol at former bus station (with ABC menu)
Address: Inside old bus station, Jalan Omar, Kampung Pegawai, 83000 Batu Pahat
Estimated GPS: 1.854931, 102.933458

Cendol Pak ‘O’

Cendol Pak ‘O’ is located at current main bus station, so it’s hard to miss, even for a non-local. For all I remember, they have been here for decades. During our visit, the owner’s children had taken the helm from their father. Now, they take turn to churn out bowls and bowls of delectable ice.

Cendol Pak 'O'

Cendol Pak ‘O’ offers a variety of cendol and ABC, and whenever we step into the shop, the pakcik, like a fastidious robot, will rap out their menu and highly recommended their cendol kacang (red beans). However, I found the red beans are rather salty, which kind of cancelled the taste of gula melaka. Original cendol… next time..

Cendol Pak ‘O’
Address: No. 65-A, Jalan Rugayah, Kampung Pegawai, Johor, 83000 Batu Pahat, Malaysia
Estimated GPS: 1.853712, 102.926054

Which is the Batu Pahat best cendol?

CS and I contradict on this. CS thought that both cendols are very identical and deserve their long-standing fames. On the other hand, CS’s favourite ABC is still Akbar Cendol at former bus station.

I prefer Akbar Cendol’s cendol because it’s sweet through and through, unlike Pak ‘O’ which has a hint of saltiness.  As for ABC, Pak ‘O’ is the winner for having more gula melaka syrup.


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