Bali Trip Day 6: Legian Market and Nusa Indah Cafe

From our driver, we got to know of a Legian market along Jalan Melasti, Legian and seek to find it. It was a 20 minutes brisk walk from Hardrock Bali. As we walked further north to Legian, the beach became less crowded, cleaner and we like it so much better than the area around Hard Rock.

Unlike Sukawati, Legian market is not as big and less organized. The stuffs available were mostly home decorations and some clothings. They were more willing to negotitate on the price as they don’t get a lot of customers in Legian area. I bought 3 pieces of table runner for 110,000Rph (~RM40).

We munched on loads of ice cream in place of proper lunch until it’s time to go back to Poppies Lane 1 for dinner in Nusa Indah, as recommended in virtual tourist.

Hoho.. we finally got our second piece of pork ribs in Bali. This one taste even better than the one at Nuri’s Warung at 60% cheaper (although smaller in portion)!!! The ribs were grilled to perfection, not overcooked and its best point was the heavenly sweet and sour sauce. I hereby pronounce Nusa Indah’s pork ribs as the best food I ate in Bali, after days of dissappointments.

The deep fried squid with batter was easily one of the best we tasted in Bali. Although a bit hard, it was flavouful with a decent portion.

The fruit punch fared well too, with the mix of fruits juice and some carbonated soft drinks which I suspected as soda.

Sorry.. I forgot what it’s called but no regret in missing this. Since I can’t remember the name, it it can’t be much impressive.

The grilled pork ribs and the squid were priced at 25,000Rph (~RM10) each, so our dinner was less than 70,000Rph – extraordinarily cheap and worthy for a touristy place like Bali.

With this post, my Bali trip had came to an end and I can finally back to the track on more Malaysian food. Ok, Ok.. what’s for supper?

“It’s Wednesday night, la dear.. We’ll still have to work tomorrow” CS cried out aloud. Darn!

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  1. hi there! i'll be making a trip down soon! this is some good knowledge of what to expect..

    pretty disappointed to hear you say that 100 sunset was not as good as expected, especially with the busy streets and all. Is it that bad?

    I heard there's a Carrefour near it right? Transportation? Would it be safe cause we're going as a group of 4 girls.


  2. Service wise and the hotel itself? They're not bad. In fact the room would be awesome if not for the insufficient air con. If you're planning to stay at a place very accesible to food and entertainment by foot (like what I would have wanted), then this might not be the place for you. Carrefour is within walking distance but you have to walk along and cross the busy 3 (or 4) lanes road. Carrefour itself don't have much eateries except for fast food, Solaria and it's own RTE section. Shouldn't be any problem for 4 girls to travel to Bali, just ignore the people who tries to tell you they're some officers, or ask you where are u from etc.. Just smile and walk away. 🙂