Bali Trip Day 1: Warung Lada and Tegal Sari Hotel

After a disastrous start for our 2010 Bali trip, we finally arrived in Bali and picked up by our hotel airport transfer. The ride was one whole hour, as our first stop was Ubud ,and our accommodation was Tegal Sari that was so highly recommended.

I’m glad I was able to book at Tegal Sari. Most of the rooms were already fully booked when I booked in July 09! Tegal Sari proved to be a beautiful, serene and affordable place to stay in Ubud with 5 star service attitudes from the staffs.

Our homely Super

Deluxe room (No. 12) was on the upstairs, exceptionally clean with a balcony overlooking the paddy field. Even the bath tub overlooks the paddy field too, though I prefer to draw the curtain down when I bath. Gosh.. I miss that room. The only thing missing from the room was a good old TV. We discovered something funny; the fan speed was totally reversed with ‘1’ being the fastest and ‘5’ being the slowest instead.

Padi field view, Ubud Bali

Tegal Sari at Ubud, Bali
Tegal Sari at Ubud, Bali

Tegal Sari at Ubud, Bali

Tegal Sari at Ubud, Bali
Tegal Sari was situated at the end of Jalan Hanoman and we took a 20 minutes leisurely walk up north to Ubud Center (near the Ubud market) to hunt out Ibu Oka and Bebek Bengil, our supposedly lunch and dinner venue for the next day. We booked for a Smoked Duck set at Bebek Bengil as it needs 10 hours to prepare the duck.

Bali seemed to get dark earlier than in Malaysia. Most of the shops were closing by the time we reached Ubud Center at 6 pm. I vaguely remember some websites recommending this Warung Lada that serves cheap nice Balinese food but crap! It didn’t deserve the credits. First, we have to wait for 30 minutes, and feed ourselves to mosquitoes before food was served.

Warung Lada Bali

Two, my Soto Ayam (Rph18,000) can be easily mistaken as soup. 2 small pieces of chicken in it and I can take out the glass noodles in just one scoop. The worst Soto Ayam I ever had.

Warung Lada Bali
Three, CS’s Ayam Goreng Kicap Rph20,000 (Fried Chicken with Sweet Soy Sauce) was so overcooked that the chicken was dried out. We felt cheated having to pay Rph54,000 which is around RM20 for our meal.

We tried to walk to Sang Spa but the lane leading to it was dark and there were wild dogs around, so we decided to come back on the next day.

As predicted I was hungry again when we reached Tegal Sari and have my ‘proper’ dinner in Tegal Sari’s café. We were feeding the mozzies again although the staffs tried to ease our sufferings by putting mosquito coils under our table.

The fried rice was just average but I was too hungry to really care.

Dinner at Tegal Sari
The sup ikan kalas taste like Thai’s Tom Kha Khai and suited my taste very well. Fish chunks were pretty fresh but quite scarce. We ended our night with a bottle of Bintang Beer and novels on our hands.

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  1. I don't miss wor.. More expensive than our soft drinks and so small that I have to order 2. Did u notice it taste like my specialty Honey Green Tea? :p