Awang Ikan Bakar, Kuantan

Awang Ikan Bakar in Kuantan

Within 4 years of absence from Kuantan, this once leisurely town (and seaside) had bloomed so much, almost unrecognizable, especially with the cars rushing swiftly along Jalan Beserah. We even had to speed up to avoid a big truck tailing too closely to us. The road was dark but Awang Ikan Bakar still stood out from afar. The again, that could be our eyes playing a trick on us, as we had longed for the ikan bakar for too long.

Awang Ikan Bakar Kuantan
The warung that used to stood alone in this area is now joined by a few companions (or competition) now. Spontaneously, we acted like old customers, headed straight to the counter and chose the seafood, while looking at the listed price. We ordered the same as what we ordered at that time – Ikan Pari Bakar (grilled stingray) and Sotong Goreng Tepung (deep fried squid with batter).
Awang Ikan Bakar Kuantan
Awang Ikan Bakar Kuantan
Awang’s grilled stingray is a little different from typical Malay styled grilled fish. It does not have the spiciness that will make us drink (water) like fishes. Instead, it was slathered with a mix of nice smelling crushed lemongrass and little chilies, at least, that’s what I thought they were. Their special sauce is always ready when you need to add more kick to it. In the end, we regretted not getting a bigger fish as we just can’t get enough of it.

However, the sotong goreng tepung fall below our expectation. It was crunchy alright with the golden batter but it seemed to be missing in taste. In short, it’s a little bland.
If you’re looking for something to drink, I would highly recommend you gulp down a whole glass of their intense teh halia (ginger tea), a treat for your sweet tooth.

Awang Ikan Bakar
Kampung Kubang Ikan
Opposite Club Med Cherating and Turtle Sanctuary
GPS : 4.1427◦N 103.399◦ E

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