Ali Asam Pedas, riverside Batu Pahat

I was bored one afternoon in Batu Pahat so I posted the question on my facebook wallpaper – “Lack of ideas. What Batu Pahat should I blog now?” After all, I had left Batu Pahat and stationed myself in Klang Valley for years and would not have known any rising stars in BP food business. Wendy was the first to reply, “Ali Asam Pedas!” Subsequently, she called me and gave a very detailed direction to this place.


Ali Asam Pedas is located in a quiet area at the end of the same road as Hai Kee but easily noticeable as the first unit at a new row of shoplots. Ordering an asam pedas fish is simple, but ordering them at a place that offers variety of fish and from different parts of body? We were confounded. The owner recommended us to have the basic – pari asam pedas (stingray) and anything from the menu that costs RM4 per piece.


We ordered a rojak tauhu as side dish which was made out from fried beancurbs, beansprouts and cucumbers.Now if you think it will taste like rojak buah tauhu as found in Klang Valley, it was totally the opposite. Of course, the obvious difference was no fruits were used but the main characteristic was the spicy soy sauce with bird’s eye chilies in it. It was light, which instead of domineering the whole plate of rojak, it actually complements its taste.

Ali Asam Pedas

The asam pedas was a little different from the conventional BP style asam pedas because first, the gravy was thicker and second, it’s more on the spicy side rather than the sour side. We ordered for pari and ikan merah that didn’t disappoint us on their freshness and tastiness.

Ali Asam Pedas

Each piece of fish were priced at RM4 (one pax portion), a little pricier by Batu Pahat standard and there are other pricier pieces like the fish head, body etc.

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