I am a food lover and a travel enthusiast, a woman who reads a lot about healthy diet but one too many times, eats against them. I travel to lose the extra pounds, then start the hunt for good food again. Someone who inherited shrewd taste buds from her father, and frugal way of traveling from her mother.


This blog started out in 2008 as tamciakpo.blogspot before being moved to Eatophilia, continuing to share good food information and my travelogue, when I am not trapped in the office 8 to 10.

I struggle when it comes to photography (blame it on the shaky hands!), so I never bothered to own a DSLR. All the photographs were taken with my Canon PowerShot S95 and handphone.

Feel free to go over my Food and Destinations to browse posts that suit your appetite.

Did i miss out a great food? More travel tips to share? Or wish to work with me? Just let me know via below. Before we collaborate, perhaps it’s better to read about working with me first.

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